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Oct 28, 2003
wed. i think?

well i finally found kale, got some dope from him, cooked a little too, gonna return to him tomorrow see if i can get any more, cause he gave me filter dope, he didnt tell me tho, it tastes like shit......

i was scared outta my mind today, we went to hastings to see if this guy had the money he owed kale, but he didnt, then we went to 'Chrispys' and bubbled some.....he said we were gonna be there like 15 to 20 minutes tops, but that turned into 3 and a half hours, thats what scared me, didnt think i was gonna make it home in time....im hopin to get some money today, to either buy some off kale tomorrow or get him to go shoppin so we can make our own batch.....im gonna run out soon, shit.

Jer was worried bout me, he tried callin 'like 20 times he said. Hes hangin in there, ive got to hope we can get some cooked on friday and sell some to get Jer out......

not much else happened today, i might write more later, but i need a code for this game, it kicks ass.

Posted at 06:00 pm by D-Elf
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Oct 27, 2003
monday, bleh...monday

mmmm, chicken taquitos and a mt. dew code red.....life is good to me in the food aspect of things....

other than that I had a shitty day at shcool, didnt do much of anything as usual, but oh well

talked to tracey about gettin jer out of jail, but nothing can be done till saturday morning. finding kale proved harder than i thought, tracey says noones really seen him since jer went away....i need some money too so i can talk to kale and get him to go shoppin, then we need to find some anny and cook up a batch so we can get some money and bail jer out of goin to pott. county jail.....i hate being in the middle of things, but if it involves gettin high i really dont mind much....im gonna go insane this week if i cant find kale, he owes me so much, enough for a few day binge, mmmm, I cant wait *drools*

weather has been crappy for the past few days. I think it might storm soon, my leg has been hurtin lately too....Ive been wondering if that myth has any truth to it, if youve broken something or hurt yourself really bad, when it begins to hurt for no reason a storm is on the way.....

goddamn im already tired, a nap might be in order soon. maybe some music would wake me up, or its just gonna depress me due to the fact i have no dope......some weed sounds good about now too.

I'm thinkin Pearl Jam!

Posted at 01:13 pm by D-Elf
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tis 4am and Im not exactly sure why i woke up, or why i decided to get online.....i think its the stupid time change *yawns*

im not sure i wanna go back to sleep, but id better cause that stupid skool thing in the morning

Posted at 03:12 am by D-Elf
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Oct 26, 2003
'bout me

Name: Jake Rose
Birthday: 7-21
Starsign: Cancer
Favorite Number: 420
Birthplace: Elgin Illinois
Current Residence: Parents basement
Innie or Outtie: innie
Favorite Bands: Nirvana (kicks ass!) Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam....NO RAP!
Language: English
What Do You Want To Be When You Get Older: unemployed, but still have money
Hobbies: billiards ( pool for you commonfolk :P ) my dirtbike, chatting on mIRC and games
Fav food: anything that wont make me puke
Fav Icecream: chocolate
Whats on your Mousepad: Cubs logo, baby!
Fav Cartoon Character: hmmm, i'd have to say Cartman ( fuck you, you jew! )
Nicknames: S.J. but i hate when people call me that (stoner jake)
Lefty or Righty: Righty
Fav Soda: Mountain Dew code red for the time being
Fav Song: its hard enough naming favorite bands, but a song? hmmm, ill get back to you on that one
Fav Colour: Blue
Fav Movie: hmmm, porno :P
Worst Habit: drugs, but i can quit if i really wanted too, but i dont so :P
Biggest Fear: an eternity of sobriety
Fav Sport: is pool a sport?
Favorite Smiley: :)
Best Childhood Memory: i dont remember much
Siblings: bleh, the only one i like enough to mention is jeremy
What I Like In A Girl: one who doesnt nag alot about dumb things, and cannt be a total nimwit, must be pretty too :) and must listen to my endless blabber of nonsence, i hate it when i talk noone cares/listens to my pathetic blabber. a somewhat alike intrest in music would help too, i listen to alot of music
Fav Actors: im not like that
Fav Actress: hmmm, theres so many of them, J.Lo isnt good but if she was, that would be my pick
Fav TV Show: South Park
Fav Animal: dogs and my kitty
Collects: i dont
Fav Body Part: i dont want to sound immature, but...my wanger :P
Least Favorite Body Part: the rest of me
Worst Memory: i dont know, there was probably a few, but i dont remember any of them
Who Would You Love To Meet (Dead or Alive): the person who discovered pot (atoes?)
Fav Word: du, du, du, drugs
Most often Used Phrase: have you gone insane?
Describe Yourself In Three Words: four, two, zero
Tell Us A Secret About Yourself: erm...i wear clothes a few times before i wash them, if it dont smell yet, ill still wear it :P

Posted at 10:23 pm by D-Elf
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Malvern life sucks around here atm, for one thing, my bro is in jail for ten days and i need to scounge up about 100 dollars bail so he isnt in for longer, for another thing, ive spent the past week in my basement, only leaving for food, ive been skipping out on school to stay home and get amp'd. and last but not least im outta drugs, which is making me very depressive and no fun tp be around at all atm, im still tired from the week which was the first time i had any in a while, due to tight a tight budget and my stupid probation, but fuck it.
My stupid truck has a flat tire again but i think its a slow leak so im gonna hope i can get to town tomorrow....its been cold for days and ive been feeling sick, i think its from my space heater, every time i run it, i get clogged up and it pisses me off cause i like to sleep with it pointed at me.
pool is a fun game, ive been playin alot more the past week but i still need some work.
Im gettin fuckin tired now at its only like 9 something (stupid time changes)

Posted at 08:42 pm by D-Elf
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